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Investing Is Your Choice

We Hope You Choose Us

No matter what your financial goals or concerns may be,
we are ready to help you build, maintain, preserve and distribute your wealth.

The road to building wealth is made of core values, principled integrity, education and vision.

FINARC provides:

  • Reliability, Independence and Integrity
  • Financial Consulting and Money Management Services to High-Net-Worth Individuals and to their Families' Wealth Management Services, such as designing and implementing a comprehensive plan appropriate for achieving desired objectives
  • General Family Office Services
  • Financial, Tax and Estate Planning
  • Financial Restructuring of Family Wealth, solving critical Family and Business issues and developing efficient strategies to overcome impediments to success
  • Financial Consulting and Money Management Services to International Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Accurate, Innovative and Provocative Research, through the INFERENTIAL FOCUS publication, published twice a month, offered to global readers on a subscription basis
  • Timely analysis of global markets, business conditions and investment perspectives

Member of GSCGI, Groupement Suisse des Conseils en Gestion Indépendants

* * *

FINARC provides clients with unequalled personal and committed attention, as well as the absolute highest level of sound, conservative advice available anywhere. In today's fast-paced world, the wise investor appreciates the simple courtesies and traditional values, made of a sound, steady and patient investment that stands the test of time.   No two investors are alike. We recognize that each investor is unique, with different assets, needs, and investment objectives. Investment decisions are based on risk tolerance, market conditions and customer's life changes.   Our team approach aims to help the customer in all stages of his financial life, with the creation, reservation and distribution of his wealth.

Long-term capital appreciation and capital preservation are two sides of the same coin. With FINARC's safety-first approach towards investing clients' money, capital preservation takes precedence.   Then, the investment portfolio aims at taking advantage of strategic opportunities, while remaining focused on minimizing inherent risk in the financial markets.   Our goal is to assist customers in reaching their personal financial objectives safely, conservatively, and soundly.

At the core of FINARC's innovative financial consulting and money management services is a dynamic investment management engine powering investors seeking streamlined access to global investment opportunities.   Its distinctive analysis and forecasting methodology provides decision-makers with indispensable insight on global business, economic, security and geopolitical events as they evolve and accurately forecasts issues affecting a client's enterprise.   By providing a comprehensive understanding of events influencing their decisions and altering the environment in which they operate, FINARC's analysis enables decision-makers to mitigate risk to their operations, capitalize on opportunities and sustain a competitive advantage in their market.   Furthermore, the company's expertise is especially directed to satisfy the ambitious financial consulting needs of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), as well as Banking and Investment Companies, whose goal is to achieve superior and sustained returns exceeding global averages.

Global exposure is superior to local alone, because international markets provide a broader range of investment opportunities.   FINARC's partners are a groundbreaking set of professionals, who have amassed significant experience in the world of finance, both in Switzerland and abroad, with particular reference to the following:

  • asset management and asset allocation with global investment reach
  • investment portfolio risk management
  • unique investment style, combining the best analytical methods, top-down (fundamental economic analysis and targeted business sectors), bottom-up (security analysis, security selection, price target and stress level), as well as quantitative and technical
  • the legal due-diligence of various investment vehicles

FINARC is thus providing all the financial expertise and knowledge, that are required by an investor seeking ambitious investment returns.   FINARC's key professionals' skills are consistent with all the comprehensive consulting needed for the optimal management of an investment portfolio, as well as for corporate finance structuring.

FINARC offers an additional great advantage: its consulting and money management services are totally unbiased and are offered in the sole customers' interest.   These services stress maximum independence and are not subject to the influence of any financial institution.   The resulting great opportunity consists in the ability to take advantage of the widest possible range of products available, without any conflict of interest whatsoever.

An informed investor makes wise decisions.   Our INFERENTIAL FOCUS publication, published twice a month and available via subscription, is a window on the world and the interaction of all its parts, based on the awareness that nations and peoples behave in certain constrained, and therefore predictable, ways based on the resources within their grasp and the neighbourhood in which they live.   The publication is, therefore, a window on world's events of any type, economic, strategic, geopolitical, and on their resulting impact in the marketplace.

Known paradigms and biases are set aside in order to develop a body of knowledge on FINARC's own objective terms, well ahead of conventional wisdom.   Opinions expressed may appear provocative and contrarian, sometimes unorthodox, but they are always independent.   Based both on appropriate knowledge of the past and a clear vision of the future, the current time and situation assessment is intensely thought-provoking and it inevitably leads to the safest and most profitable investment decisions.