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Independent Financial Investment Consulting


Money Management


FINARC’s services encompass the achievements of its founder, who attained a high level of success through their key managerial roles in leading international financial services companies.   The investment team has strong academic and real-world credentials.   Seasoned and internationally recognised investment professionals provide advisory services on investment portfolio management, with special emphasis on the use of the best analytical methods that tend to maximise the risk/return ratio, while maintaining a portfolio bearing little correlation with equity and fixed-income markets and, therefore, avoiding significant underperformance when stock prices head downwards. 

The main objective driving FINARC’s activities is to exploit the relationship between risk and return for the client’s advantage and to optimise performance in both expanding and contracting markets.   Such distinctive investment philosophy based on a vast experience in constructing and actively managing investment vehicles, is directed to clients expecting risk-appropriate investment returns.   A hallmark of FINARC is its disciplined investment framework, designed to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Being independent money managers and financial advisors, FINARC provides the most dynamic and effective investment recommendations to achieve the best allocation of capital at any time.

FINARC, in its role of money manager and financial consultant, advises clients how to invest their savings, how to subscribe for new equity issues or how to invest into mutual funds.   The company offers its professional advice regarding investment choices that are most appropriate for each specific client’s need, appraising and assessing these choices dynamically by constantly monitoring the international markets.

FINARC thus acts exclusively on the client’s interest, interacts efficiently with the client to construct and actively manage the best possible investment portfolio in accordance with the client’s risk-return profile.

A large variety of independent financial consulting services are offered by FINARC, ranging from tailor-made advices to periodic general investment recommendations.