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Institutional Financial Consulting

Along with High-Net-Worth Individuals, Business Enterprises, Banks and other Financial Institutions need to be better informed and equipped to navigate the turbulent global business environment of the 21st century, in which business leaders and entrepreneurs have increasingly to deal with an ever-expanding global marketplace and a wide range of political, economic, and security uncertainties.

Armed with accurate, predictive insights, and working in close collaboration with FINARC’s key professionals, FINARC’s individual and institutional customers are better able to protect assets, compete, diminish risk, and increase opportunity.

FINARC’s analytical services are of particular interest to High-Net-Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Family Businesses, Small and Medium-sized Companies in need of a comprehensive restructuring plan. FINARC’s services focus on improving the infrastructure of customers’ businesses and industries. The company’s consulting capability is, therefore, key in determining and prioritizing which actions are essential to maximise recovery and maximise overall value.

FINARC provides institutional advice on a company’s business plan and operating activities, underlying assumptions and its long-term viability, while analyzing and determining the company’s cash flow and liquidity situation, determining the appropriate capital structure, as well as the best balance of debt and equity, from which the company can have the best opportunity for survival and growth.

FINARC’s key professionals provide financial consulting to Banks and Financial Institutions, they can be members of Investment Committee Meetings, or just external guest speakers, on a regular basis as well as upon occasional invitations.

FINARC offers to Individual and Institutional customers subscription services to its critically acclaimed analysis, also outlined twice a month in the Inferential Focus proprietary publication, and a wide range of consulting services carefully tailored to meet specific client needs.

FINARC’s expert skills and knowledge are the essence of the uniquely leading consulting services for the sophisticated investment management, required by banking and financial institutions. FINARC aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Low volatility
  • Low correlation with equity and fixed-income markets
  • Higher returns

The most important strategies fundamentally used are:

  • Equity Market Timing (EMT)
  • Relative Value (RV)

These strategies allow consistent returns to be achieved, whilst the portfolio’s low volatility and a low correlation with the equity and bond markets are maintained.