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IF 200 -- August 29, 2011 -- 17/20

Then, how to reconcile fairness and harmony, including innovation, in this unsettled world?    I strongly believe that “fair compromise” must replace “nonexistent perfection”.    Politics, economics and finance have rarely, if ever, in history been in equilibrium during this most needed and essential compromising exercise.    The world is facing exactly this imbalance at the present time.    The imbalance is so stretched that it will take political courage and large efforts for many years, from all involved actors, in order to attain some sort of equilibrium between political, economic and financial forces for the good of people.

Major reforms on Earth are always a product of necessity, not of mere ideological vision.    I am convinced that a “new vision” will at some point emerge from the ashes of the current global crises.

However, instead of fantasizing on a “new global currency” and a “new global central bank”, both of which might take decades to develop, I believe that there is an impending need for immediate action.    The citizens of world are already on the streets of their capitals wanting to work and to earn a fair price for it, to have transparent and accountable government and fiscal structures, as well as peace and harmony. 


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