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Cosima F. BARONE

Founder & Chairman

Spanning over four decades, Cosima F. Barone, has devoted her entire career to international finance, research and money management, to the benefit of institutions (mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions) and "high-net-worth" individuals around the world.

Other than a solid research experience (strategic, fundamental, technical, bottom-up and top-down, macro and micro, etc.), she earned a solid qualification as a supervisor for all U.S. financial instruments (NASD's licences).

She has been associated with Prudential-Bache International Ltd., Geneva Branch, during the 1996-2002 years.   Prior to Prudential-Bache she worked for premiere U.S. brokerage firms: Paine-Webber (a total of 10 years in three separate periods -- especially part of the very first office the firm had in continental Europe/Geneva in April 1974), Cowen (4 years), Eberstadt Fleming (3 years), Dominick & Dominick in New York City and Switzerland (5 years) and Shields in 1973, at the very beginning of her career in the financial industry.

Always committed to the highest level of professional and personal excellence, she is the creative force behind the INFERENTIAL FOCUS publication, issued twice a month and available on a subscription basis.

Member of GSCGI -- Groupement Suisse des Conseils en Gestion Ind├ępendants -- -- since 2003 and member of the Board since 2005.

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