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As equity prices tumble, investors are forced to reassess their investment strategy in order to better evaluate on “what” their 2012 exuberance was truly based.    Were higher prices merely based on “hoped-for” better economic data or on solid and real economic improvement across the globe?    With hindsight, it was merely hope!    Thus, the improving price trend revealed itself to have been fickle, exaggerated and unsustainable, as currently vacillating equity prices revealed. ... Read more
The March U.S. employment report disappointed investor expectations, although the economy still appears heading higher.    The labor market improvement is hesitant at the moment and fully reflected, as a “lagging indicator”, the slower economic growth in the first quarter.    Digging deeper into the economic data released recently, however, does reveal that the decline in real income (m/m in the latest report) is at odds with the job creation unless it signals the creation of low-paying jobs ... Read more


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